One of the unique aspects of Parian & Sons Jewelers in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is that we offer a wide range of Jewelry Services while you wait. This is something you will not find at any of the chain stores and it is becoming a rare feature at jewelry stores in general. This represents a change in our industry and it is something you may not even think to ask for, but you should.

Parian & Sons most common, “while you wait” services:

  • Diamond setting (by appointment)
  • Diamond identification
  • Watch batteries replacement
  • Lifetime ultra-sonic cleaning and polishing at no charge
  • Repair and resizing (in some cases)

Verragio diamond engagement ring

Verragio Engagement Ring

Expertise: Learn from your Jeweler

One of the best reasons to wait for your service is this is a time to LEARN. Years ago almost all jewelers were trained craftsmen and artisans. Generally, a jeweler would learn the trade from his father or he would apprentice for years and then eventually set up his own store. Today this has become the exception rather than the rule. There are jewelry stores out there filled with staff that know far more about marketing than they do about fine jewelry or gemstones.

At Parian & Sons, we are a family business with generations of experience in gemstones and jewelry. While you wait for a new watch battery ask us to show you the differences between a round cut diamond and a cushion cut; or ask to show see the difference between a VVS1 and a VS2 graded diamond or to show you what Tanzanite looks like compared to a Sapphire. Train your eye. Let us teach you why we love what we do and why there are so many different prices for gemstones and jewelry.

JB star engagement ringJB Star Diamond Ring

Jewelry Services Why to Wait: The Safest Thing for Your Ring

Diamond rings are very different from dry cleaning. Jewelry isn’t something you want to just drop off. While you wait is the safest thing for your ring, period. You are not letting your diamond leave your personal possession. You are not entrusting it to the mail, a courier who earns $9.00 an hour or a jeweler of unknown reputation. Any of all of these can result in loss or damage to your valuable property.

This is true for any kind of jewelry but your engagement ring and your wedding ring are particularly irreplaceable. There are too many horror stories on the Internet to count. Women and men have lost the most sentimental pieces they own simply because they went to a jeweler who didn’t have a bench and who didn’t work on their ring in house. At Parian & Sons we do all of our jewelry work in the store and we can do most of it while you wait. You have the safety and security of knowing where your ring is at all times.

Emerald cut Diamond engagement ringEmerald Cut Diamond in a Double Halo

While You Wait is the Best Time for Us to Ask You Questions

While you are in the store waiting, if we see something related to your jewelry that we think you should know or might want to think about upgrading, we can easily show it to you and we may even be able to fix the issue on the spot. For example, a lady recently brought in a beautiful bracelet she had just inherited for cleaning. During the cleaning, we realized that the prongs on two of the stones were worn and that they might soon fail. Because the customer was in the store, we could ask her if she wanted this fixed and the jeweler could show her the problem right away making it much easier for her to make a decision on how she wanted to proceed with the repair.

JB Star braceletJB Star Bracelet

We know that in today’s world a lot of people don’t want to wait for anything. However, when it comes to your gemstones and your jewelry, waiting is recommended and it can even be enjoyable and productive too!

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