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Its spring time and love is in the air!  This is the perfect time to get engaged. Parian & Sons Jewelers has been helping young couples get engaged for four generations (since 1921). Let us help you through this exciting and wonderful time.

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Will She Say Yes?

Asking someone to marry you is a difficult task. However, if you look closely into your heart and into hers you will be able to tell if she is going to say yes or not before you ask. It’s our experience that usually the man knows what his girlfriend will say before he proposes. One way to gage her willingness to accept your proposal is to take her ring shopping first and watch how she responds to the shopping adventure. Is she excited and wanting to try on every ring in the store? If this is her reaction to “Just shopping” she will probably say yes when you pop the question.

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Should I choose the Ring First or Should We Choose it Together?

One advantage to the “Just shopping” outing is that you will have a chance to see what style and type of ring she prefers. This can make it much easier for you to then come back and choose the right ring for her. Some women are very particular about their engagement ring. If, while you are “Just shopping,” she says something like, “Don’t you dare buy a ring without me,” you may want to follow her advice.

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What Size Ring Should I Buy?

This is one of the most common questions we get. The easiest way to determine her ring size is to borrow one of her current rings, bring it into the store, and we can tell you in a few minutes what her ring size is. Another approach is to enlist a sister or a girl friend in the pursuit of her ring size. They could playfully have her try on their rings to see what they look like on her. They are also a great source of additional engagement information. Girls talk and you might as well benefit from what she has been telling her nearest and dearest about you.

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