It’s hard to have a fresh start with excess baggage. This is true for a new relationship and it is true for your jewelry. Spring is the perfect time to take stock of your jewelry pieces. Here are three easy steps to take your collection from great to fabulous.

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The Jewelry that You LOVE: Give these Pieces Some TLC!

The jewelry that you wear every day, like your wedding band or your favorite tennis bracelet, deserves a Spring Break. This is a great time of the year to bring your favorite pieces into the store so that we can check your stones, prongs and clasps. As these are your favorite pieces of jewelry, they are subjected to the most wear and tear. It would break your heart to lose them, so give them some TLC and let us examine them to make sure that everything is strong for the coming summer vacations. We will clean them too and the sparkle is a perfect way to beat lingering winter blues.

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The Pieces You Have but Hate: Shed the Pounds!

Shed the pounds in not just the New Year battle cry for losing a little extra weight- it is also a great approach for the jewelry you don’t wear. We all have them- grandma’s pendant necklace…the sweet gift from my husband, he really meant well but it is sooo Ugly… and even he doesn’t like it… these pieces pile up after a while and make it difficult for you to see and wear the jewelry that you love. Why not bring those pieces in and let us use the materials to redesign you something fun and new you will wear and cherish this summer?

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Add a New Piece of Jewelry Every Year to Stay Fresh

This is the perfect time of the year to add in a new piece of jewelry to update your look. Look at your wardrobe and decide which pieces of your Jewelry will go best with which outfit. This is easiest to do by placing outfits on the bed and then matching your jewelry and other accessories to it until you get a combination you like. Taking stock will show you what you need to finish off your outfits. After this, come into the store and we can help you choose a new piece for Spring!

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