A Care Guide For Your Fine Jewelry & Watches
Diamonds last forever-not necessarily what holds them in jewelry. Gold wears out so your jewelry should be checked and cleaned every six months. The more you have it checked and cleaned-the more you can be worry free and just enjoy wearing your jewels.

Colored gemstones show beautiful ranges of color but are not as hard as diamonds. They can chip and scratch. Colored stones should not be put in jewelry cleaner for long periods of time. If you are not sure call or stop in so we can teach you the proper way to care for your precious gems.

Pearls on average should be restrung once a year depending on how often or how little you wear them. Signs to look for are discolored cords or pearls that are moving freely between the knots. Pearls should not be exposed to make-up, perfumes or hairspray. Pearls should also never be put in jewelry cleaner. You can clean them by gently rubbing them with a damp cloth.

Appraisals should be updated every two years. Keeping your paperwork up-to-date can assure you that your most beloved items are covered for loss or theft.

Watch Batteries
Watch batteries should last at least one full year or longer. If your battery is not, then it is likely time for an overhaul for your timepiece.

Inlay Pieces
Like all fine jewelry, inlay pieces require a modest amount of care. They should not be subjected to sudden impacts, household chemicals and detergents, abrasive materials or extreme temperatures. Inlay jewelry should be cleaned with mild soapy water using a soft brush or cloth. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning machines.

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