Choosing an engagement ring is a daunting task. It is important to consider your fiancée’s style, lifestyle and expectations. As the love of your life, it is essential to get this right. Parian and Sons Jewelers has been helping men choose the right engagement ring for nearly a century. We know what questions to ask and we can meet almost any budget. Our focus is on you so that you can focus on her…what to say, where to propose, and whether or not you should kneel.

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The Halo Engagement Ring… Angelic

One of the most popular engagement ring styles today is the Halo Engagement Ring. “Halo” refers to a circle of smaller diamonds that surround the main stone. The Halo is popular for good reasons including:

  • The Halo of smaller stones helps to protect the center stone
  • The Halo enhances the center stone, making the entire ring more impressive
  • The Halo lends itself to the use of stones other than diamonds
  • The Halo is a balanced, pleasing and timeless design

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Most people do not give the protection of a diamond enough consideration. Diamonds are, after all, the hardest gemstones on the planet. However, an engagement ring must endure years of wear and tear. It is usually worn every day and this makes the central stone vulnerable. Diamonds don’t break but they can acquire external fissures (chips) from stress. A halo of smaller diamonds helps to protect the main stone and it can prevent damage to the central stone.

Halo rings are also very impressive. The halo of smaller diamonds makes the central stone look bigger and the play of light off all the stones makes for a dazzling display. If your fiancée really wants a high quality 2-carat diamond but it isn’t in your budget, a halo setting can be a way to achieved the impact she is looking for at an affordable price.

A Halo Engagement Ring lets you use stones in addition to diamonds to match the tastes of your fiancée. For example, Princess Diana loved sapphires. Her engagement ring was a stunning sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Diana’s son, William, who will likely become the next King of England, gave this same ring to Kate Middleton when he proposed.

The Three Stone Engagement Ring… Balanced and Vivacious

The Three Stone Engagement Ring is a very popular design. It has many of the advantages of the Halo Engagement Ring with greater stylistic flexibility. Some of the reasons to choose a Three Stone Engagement Ring include:

  • Three stones is an impressive design
  • The style lends itself to a variety of stone shapes
  • Three stones make beautiful contemporary designs

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The number three symbolically and stylistically stands for balance, power and strength. If your fiancée has her heart set on an Emerald cut diamond, the three stone style provides these elegant stones with some protection. In addition, the additional stones on either side of an emerald cut make for a very pleasing composition. As with a Halo Engagement Ring, the addition of the side stones makes the center stone appear more brilliant and larger. The three stone arrangement also lends itself well to modern and contemporary designs. If your Fiancée loves all things modern, this is one way to create a very beautiful modern ring that also has balance.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring: Traditional and Elegant
Is your Fiancée traditional and elegant? A Solitaire Engagement Ring may be the perfect ring for her. Here are some of the reasons to choose a Solitaire Ring:

  • Singularly impressive, perfect for high quality large stones
  • Traditional engagement ring style
  • Allows greater flexibility for the wedding band & ring guards

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The Solitaire Engagement Ring is an enduring and popular style. The single stone is the focus, so if the main stone is amazing, this is the best way to display it. A Solitaire also has a simple elegant beauty that is timeless. There is no question that this is an engagement ring. If your fiancée is very active and she isn’t likely to want to wear her ring all the time after you are married, this may be the perfect style for her. A single Solitaire Engagement Ring pairs easily with any number of wedding bands and guards. This gives your fiancée greater flexibility in how, where and when she wears her engagement ring.

Whatever style you choose, the most important thing is for your fiancée to love her ring. At Parian and Sons Jewelers in New Jersey, we have exceptional service and we will make sure she is delighted with her engagement ring. Our commitment to quality and personalized service means you can count on us to make both of you happy.


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